What to Think About When Designing a LED Sign for Your Business

LED signs are excellent marketing tools for your business. Placed by the roadside, they can make all drivers passing by attentive of your business and the message you wish to send to people. Neon signs are better than ordinary signs when it comes to grabbing the attention of people, as the lights make the sign stand out more. However, in order to design a ostentatious LED sign that will grab the attention of the people passing by while also giving out a clear message, there are a few things you need to think about.


The first thing you need to consider when designing your LED sign is what colour you wish to use. LED signs differ from ordinary roadside signs by using coloured lights rather than just painted text, meaning you'll have to think about how well people can see the coloured light in different conditions. The choice of colour depends on what audience you wish to catch. If your business is a night club, you should most likely go for colours that shine well in the dark, like yellow and white. Your target audience probably won't be parents driving their kids to school in the daytime, but rather workers that pass by the sign at night. If you wish to catch the attention of a daytime audience, you should use darker colours, like blue or red, to make it stand out in clear daylight.


You also need to consider where you want to place your sign by the roadside. If it's a small street where people also walk or ride bikes, you should place a sign quite low down, as people tend to look down when they're walking or driving a car slowly. If your sign is placed on a busy road or motorway, you want your sign to be placed higher up, as drivers that are driving fast will fix their eyes at the horizon rather than right in front of them.


In what environment your sign is placed is also important when it comes to size. By a small street you won't need to exaggerate the size, as people's eyes will be drawn to the glowing LED sign anyway. However, if the sign is placed by a busy road, you might want to go really big. People driving fast should be able to spot the sign and read it from far away. If this is the case, then you should also remember to exaggerate the size of the letters and let them cover most of the surface of the sign.