The Future of Your Bookstore Is Bright -- Digital Sign Bright

If you're trying to boost sales in your bookstore, you may be looking at digital signage and wondering what it can do for you.

You can read about the technology of digital signs until the cows come home, but learning about the mechanical workings is not going to tell you what you really need to know.

You need to know whether a digital sign is an investment worthy of your time and money. Can your small business benefit from the excellent communication results that utilising digital signage can afford?  Read on for four ways a digital sign can improve your bookstore.

1) Digital Signage Is Easier Than Printing

Digital signs are highly effective, giving you advertising signs with real flexibility. It takes preparation and effort to create print signs; not to mention the repeated expense for a sign that will have no use when a promotion is through. With digital signage, there are no printing costs for every new book release, signing event, or in-store promotion you have. 

2) Digital Signage Cuts through Distractions

In an environment like a bookstore, with so much to look at, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees. Some of your customers love to browse until something catches their eye -- others can benefit from more direction. A digital sign can be used to guide customers towards your new releases, books of the month, and special promotions.

3) Digital Signage Delivers Information Efficiently

A digital sign gives you freedom to change information as and when you please. It can be used to tell customers where various genres of books you stock are located within your store. If you invest in an interactive system, you can have a sign that lets customers look for specific books and locate them without your help. This kind of system frees you up to be at the checkout, allowing you to reduce queuing times during your busy periods.

4) Digital Signage Works with the Brain

One of the benefits digital signs have over traditional static prints is that the human brain is drawn towards motion. Think about what attracts your attention when you're out and about. Your eyes will usually be drawn to moving objects. People are confronted by a wealth of advertising images every time they leave the house. If you want to grab their attention when they're in your store, digital signs are an effective solution.