3 Top Tips for Choosing an Online T-Shirt Printing Service Provider

One of the best ways to promote your products, services or events is to print t-shirts with the specific message you want to communicate to your audience. This is because t-shirts act like mobile billboards and ensure that your promotional messages reach areas where traditional advertisement platforms cannot. That said, it is one thing to visit the physical location of a t-shirt printing service provider and another thing to seek the services from an online printer. Each option has its advantages, but how you go about selecting an online t-shirt printer determines the quality of work you receive. This article highlights tips for choosing an online t-shirt printing service provider.

Use a Provided Color Palette

Most online t-shirt printers have an in-house design department where clients can communicate the colours they need on their t-shirt designs. As you place your order online, you are required to specify what colours you need as part of your design. While it might be easy to determine the colours you need in words, the chances of miscommunication increase with such an approach because different colours have different shades; thus, it is vital to state what colours you need precisely.

This is why online t-shirt printing companies include a colour palette on their online platform for clients to use. The colour palette ensures that both the printer and the client are on the same page. If you do not use the colour palette, the printer will assume you did, and you might end up with the wrong colours on your t-shirts.

Negotiate a Return Policy

One good thing about most online t-shirt printers is that they understand that miscommunications are nothing new in the industry. Notably, mistakes are possible during the printing process. Therefore, you should look for a printing firm with whom you can negotiate a return policy in case the colours or designs do not meet the standards you need. The company should offer a refund for such an eventuality. If a prospective service provider does not have a return policy, then you are better off looking elsewhere.

Bring a Ready-Made Design

Promotional t-shirt designs must be perfect. Therefore, although it is okay to use a service provider's in-house design department, most online print firms advise clients to have a ready-made design. This is especially true if you have a tight schedule and need the t-shirts printed and delivered as soon as possible. Since your communication with the printing firm is restricted to the company's online platform, communicating intricate designs can be challenging. It can lead to prolonged discussions about design that might not go over well with some clients.

A one-on-one meeting with an independent designer is recommended because you can make corrections immediately after you notice a mistake, thereby saving precious time. All the online printing firm will do is print the design onto the t-shirts, thus ensuring timely delivery of your merchandise.