Wedding Wonder

Getting married is like a double-edged sword. It's supposed to be one of the most magical days of your life, yet it can be one of the most stressful things for you to organise. Fortunately, with a little organisation, you can transform your wedding into something fun and quirky with the use of some personalised signs and stationery. It'll help tie the whole theme of the wedding together and will enable you to supply your guests with some fun gifts and surprises.

Sweet Bags

Presenting your guests with some personalised sweet bags is a great idea. You can purchase cheap cellophane or paper bags online and tie them with string and put each guest's sweets into each bag. Your guests can choose whichever bag looks tastier and you can make it into a fun little competition to see who can get rid of the most bags. The best part comes in the form of personalised stickers that can be purchased online. You can place 'his' and 'her' stickers on your bags and perhaps even leave a little message for the guests.  

Thank You and Welcome

If you want to give your guests the stamp of approval, have your own rubber stamp made. You can find different companies online who will do this for you and will have example designs you can draw inspiration from. Perhaps put your initials on there or have different texts depending on whether it's a wedding invite or a thank you card. The stamps will again help to tie together the theme of your wedding, and if you want to go old school, you could even have a brass wax seal made, perfect for medieval-themed weddings.

Wedding Signs

If you want to put up signs around the venue for flip flops, snacks and the guest book, then a custom stencil would work really well. Rather than just printing out a sign, you can have a stencil made and use things like gold leaf or an airbrush for different effects. 

Who's Who?

It's hard knowing who's who at weddings, so why not have some custom stickers for everyone, with space for their name, their relation to the happy couple and a fun fact about them? If you have a bilingual wedding it'll be good to get people communicating who would otherwise not be able to talk. It'll make for a much more social event. 

For more information on your wedding options such as stickers and signs, contact a sign store.