Simple Tips for Effective Digital Display Signage

There are diverse types of sign displays in the market such as banners, flags and boards. These are effective advertising and marketing tools, and the right usage will attract more customers and expand your business. However, if you are considering making your company's signage more edgy and interesting, consider using digital display signs. Basically, the advertising messages in these signs are displayed on monitors and screens. They are suitable for your business if you have sufficient capital and a good physical location to set up the screen. Here are some simple tips to help ensure that your digital display signs are effective.

Utilise Moving Elements

The digital display media provides a unique way to grab your customer's attention. However, if your messages are bland and ordinary, people will not pay attention to your efforts. You should utilise the different elements that are available through the digital signage for maximum impact. One of the important aspects to consider is the movement of your marketing message. Do not settle for still photography and words. Instead, you should integrate embedded videos, and the photography and worded messages should be scrolled systematically. The regular movement will grab the attention of people around the sign. On the other hand, do not overwhelm the viewer with flash photography and fast-moving texts. Moderate simplicity will ensure that the message is delivered effectively.

Target High Traffic Areas

Digital signs can be expensive, so you should make sure that maximum benefits are derived. You should place the monitor in an area where many people will have the opportunity to view the display. Additionally, it should be in a place where people linger because this will give them enough time to view the entire marketing message. The exact spot will depend on the nature of your business and the location of your premises. Common places to consider setting up your screen include lounges, elevator waiting areas, cafeterias and around information desks.

Legibility and Visibility

You should make sure that the signage is legible and visible. These two aspects are linked, so you should be vigilant when choosing the specifics for your display. Consider the font type and size to ensure that the message is legible, and evaluate the desired maximum viewing distance. You will need larger texts if the room is large or the screen is installed at a height.

You should also consider making your digital signage advertisements available to tablet and smartphone users. This will allow interested parties to check out the marketing content on your website or other video streaming websites.