Create Masterpiece Signs for Business with One-Way Vision Signs

Advancements in the digital world have revolutionised the advertisement and branding industry. Today's professional sign writers can create marvelous works of art to display, advertise, and promote your business using wonderful digital productions. One such creative concept that is fast traversing the advertisement and branding industry is the one-way vision sign. One-way vision signs can be seen on shop windows, corporate buildings, vehicle back and siding windows, and even in public buildings. One-way vision signs are attention grabbing, bold, illustrative, and creative. The beauty of the whole concept is that light can still pass through to the inner side of the sign. People viewing such an advertisement from outside can see the pictures and words clearly while people from the inside have just a clear view of the outside through the window.

How it is made

Sign writers use a film or sheet of vinyl to create one-way vision signs. The vinyl film is perforated numerously i.e. many tiny holes are made all over the sheet. One side of the sheet is then, digitally printed with your logo or desired image. The other side is left bare. It is this bare side that is adhered to the window perfectly while the printed side is facing the outside world. It is a very simple concept as illustrated by sign writers. The printing and installation, however, have to be done by qualified personnel.

How it works

One-way vision signs make use of the brain's cognitive ability to quickly assemble patterns into clear images. Although the vinyl sheet is numerously perforated, viewers from the outside will see the interrupted printed pattern as a full block of design and will not notice the holes. Since the inner side is not printed, viewers from within will see the numerous holes and the general image displayed will be that of the street they are viewing.

What to avoid

Sign writers will advise you to avoid light colours when printing these signs. Light colours do not strongly hold the viewers attention. The concept is for the printed side to use bold, dark shades that hold viewers attention fully for their brains to decipher the image quickly and not the holes.

Another key concern should be the size of the holes on the vinyl sheet. Larger holes result in hazy, somewhat unclear images. Smaller holes, on the other hand, create more solidly-visible impressions. On the down side, smaller holes limit the view from the inside and the amount of light passing through to the inside. For good results, consult with your sign writers on the appropriate sizes of the holes that will display vivid images while allowing just the right amount of light to pass through. 

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