Retail signage should not be an afterthought

For your physical retail businesses to attract more customers and record high sales, it needs to stand out from the rest. That said, prudent retailers understand the importance of signage in achieving those objectives.  This article highlights three types of signage that every brick and mortar retailer should have.

Outdoor signage

Outdoor signs are extremely important in physical retail given that they are responsible for attracting potential customers inside the door, the hardest obstacle to forging a customer-business relationship. Customers will often judge your business based on outdoor signs since it's their first point of interaction with your business. Exterior signage should do more than basically announcing who you are. They must attract customers inside the store and express the anticipated experience inside the store. Types of outdoor signage include entrance signs, sidewalk signs, window signs, and awnings. They should be positioned in a strategic place where they are visible to both passersby and drive-by traffic.

Informational signage

Once the customer has been drawn in by your outdoor signs, how do they find their way around your space? Well, this is where informational signage comes in. The easier it is for customers to navigate your store, the more satisfied they will be and come back regularly.

Informational signage simply informs customers where to go if they want a particular product or service inside the store. Ideally, all informational signs should be precise and easy to read to convey the message to clients in the shortest time possible. Large, bold fonts featured in highly-visible colour schemes best achieve this purpose. Setting up informational signage paints a clear picture to you and your customers if your retail space is arranged in a systematic fashion.

Persuasive signage

In order to attract the customer to a particular product, you need to use persuasive signage inside your store. These signs often advertise a specific product or promotion using attractive imagery or convincing language. If you have products that are rarely noticed by customers, you may choose to put up persuasive signs to enhance interactivity with those overlooked products by communicating specific information of new or featured items. These displays may also increase brand awareness and add to retail sales.

When putting up any of these three signage types in your physical retail store, evaluate them from a customer's point of view. Visualise entering your shop as a new consumer. Analyse what might be clear and what's confusing and do the necessary changes.