Why You Should Choose LED Signage to Advertise Your Business

One way to advertise your business is to use signs. However, success is all about standing out among other businesses and if you want this for yours, especially if you are new in the market, you must invest in the correct type of business signs. There are multiple signage options you can choose from, but LED signs can help you sell your brand faster. Here are some of the ways you will find LED signage beneficial.

Greater Longevity

When compared with traditional signs such as neon or fluorescent signs, LED signage has a longer bulb life. Part of the reason LED signs outweigh their traditional counterparts is that they don't have any gases. This means you won't have to worry about any gas leaks that lead to dimness, forcing you to replace your signage frequently. Besides, LED signs won't burn out as may be the case with fluorescent or incandescent signs.

Greater Brightness

When choosing a business sign, you want something that can be seen easily by potential customers even from afar. LED signs are brighter than their traditional neon counterparts. The eye-catching brightness of LED signs makes them visible at night and even in bright daylight. This means your LED signage will offer potential customers a clearer impression of your brand or message.

High Versatility

Use of colours is a great way to make your signage appear better or more impressive to would-be customers. With LED signage, you will have a limited number of colour options to choose from. In addition, unlike traditional signs, it is possible to add animations, flashes, colour changes, and designs to your LED signs. This is cost effective because you don't need to uninstall your sign if you want to pass a different message to your customers. You can even program multiple messages to rotate after every few seconds.

Low Maintenance Costs

LED signs also come with low costs of maintenance. Other signage types such as neon will require periodic refilling of the gases, which can be costly. The refilling is also done by professionals, which means labour costs are included. On the contrary, there is almost no maintenance required for LED signs and you can use them for a relatively long time before you think of replacement.

Ease of Installation

Since LED signs lack tubes, they can be made to relatively smaller thicknesses than their neon or fluorescent counterparts. This makes them lightweight and therefore easy to ship and install. The small size is also significant if you are concerned about the weight of your signs on the walls or windows of your business.