3 Reasons Why Your Business Sign Is Attracting Few Customers

The joy of opening a business can only be described as heavenly. At last, you have your own store. And it is just not any other store; it is neat, fully stocked, and is located in an area that is free flowing with customers. To top it up, the prices of your goods are among the best in the area. However, you still find yourself passing time reading daily newspapers and lifestyle magazines all day long due to lack of customers in your workplace.  And if you are not reading the papers, you are busy questioning yourself why customers are not flocking your store. The answer might lie in your business sign.

Here are reasons why your business sign might be denying you the huge customer base you are yearning for:

1. Too Many Colors Used in The sign

A business sign that has too many colors looks like a rainbow and can be a big turn off to customers. In addition, there are colors that do not bode well when used together, including red and green, red and blue, and green and blue. Looking at the tonal values -- degree of darkness or lightness -- of colors is one way of determining what works and what doesn't work. Dark and light colors usually work well.

2. Inclusion or Exclusion of Address

If you are aiming to operate on a small area, including your address in your business sign is an important aspect because often people like to employ the services of local businesses. But an address might be a drawback if your objective is to operate on a large area. It is much better if you could say that your services cover a metropolitan area, say Brisbane, or you can say that your offer services from the Sunshine coast to Gold Coast.

3. Too Many Fonts

If your business sign is not easily readable, you are likely to attract very few customers. The text should be written in a mixture of lower and upper case because they are considered easy to read. And the text should not be written with more than two fonts. Fonts that have a medium weight face -- not entirely light or extra bold -- are the easiest to read: Arial Black, for instance.

Another problem with your business sign is that it may not be representing the services you offer. Your sign and logo should specify the type of services you are offering.  Compare a sign with the text 'Sanford's' with another one that is written 'Sanford's Bar and Restaurant'. The latter will surely attract more people because of the specification of the services offered.

For more ideas and assistance, consider contacting a professional sign writing company, like Landells Signs.